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 .:VIEW:. The Insaner Forum Rules

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PostSubject: .:VIEW:. The Insaner Forum Rules   Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:36 pm

Theese are the rules what will be follow all time within you.

1. No avoiding the swear filter. This includes using asterisk (*)'s or any other characters to partially cover up a swear.
2. No racism/slander.
3. No flaming/insulting other members.
4. No adult links/pictures.
5. No spamming/flooding. This includes the abuse of the [spoiler] BBCode tag (ex: spoiler pyramids)
6. No warez.
7. No Mod/Admin/User impersonations.
8. Advertising is only allowed for non-profit organizations. (Such as clan forums) Advertising is only allowed in signatures and in the advertising sticky. Advertising of clans is only allowed in Clan forum.
9. Do NOT ask to be a mod. If you ask to be one you will be forfeiting any chance you might have had to become one.
10. No offensive material allowed.
11. A Moderator's decision is final, and may only be overturned by said moderator or an administrator.
12. Do NOT EVER share your account password with anyone! If your account is stolen please contact an administrator and he will work to resolve this issue.
13. Padding for forum points is illegal.Report it if you see.
14. Ban Evasion is not allowed. If your account is banned for having a bad name, you may create a new account. Ban Evasion for any other reason is not allowed, and users found ban evading will have their ban extended.
15. Account Scamming is illegal. Please report any potential scams to SpriTey or SharpY.
16. Do not post in threads created by adbots.
17. Do not quote/reply to posts in violation of the rules, it only serves to make our jobs harder.
18. Forum game threads created in any forum other than the Forum Games subforum will be considered spam and acted on accordingly.
19. Don't make posts or threads on the behalf of banned users unless you wish to serve the same ban sentence as them.
20. This list is subject to change at any time.

Follow it or beign your ban.

You signature can be all sizes if it do not exceed 1024 x 800

- The Insaner Staff
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.:VIEW:. The Insaner Forum Rules

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